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Deschner Days is an annual event organized by the Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Club to honor the legacy of Ken Deschner, a former coach, and player in the Burnaby lacrosse community. The event takes place over a weekend and features a range of lacrosse games and activities, including exhibition matches, clinics, and skill competitions.

Throughout the weekend, participants and spectators alike can experience the excitement and energy of lacrosse, from the fast-paced action on the field to the camaraderie and sportsmanship demonstrated by players and coaches. Deschner Days is a highlight of the lacrosse calendar in Burnaby, and its success is a testament to the dedication and passion of the Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Club and the wider lacrosse community.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Deschner Days please contact your manager. If your team does not have a manager assigned yet, you can respond to this email, but please allow us time to finish finalizing teams. 

Deschner Days 2023 - TBD

Dates: TBA

Registration: No registration is required. This weekend is an exhibition showcase. Opponents will be invited by team managers.



All players (Tyke to Junior Girls) are to meet in Burnaby Lake Arena on the day of the parade at 11:45am and stand with their team under their team sign. At 12:00pm all teams will parade into Copeland Arena for a short ceremony. All players are to wear their jerseys. No sticks and balls please. If your child does not have a jersey before this time they will be given one. Parents are asked to take their child to Burnaby Lake Arena side at 11:45am and meet up with their coach/manager, then proceed to the Copeland stands to watch all our players parade in.

Coaches & managers, please meet on the BLA floor at 11:45am under your team sign to greet your team.

Mini Tyke
Mini tykes will be playing games on Copeland Arena until right before the start of the ceremony. Mini tykes are not to meet in Burnaby Lake, they will remain on the Copeland floor after their games and greet the players as they march over from Burnaby Lake.

All players wishing to come forward to gather and sing our anthem are welcome to come up when called at the start of the ceremony. This has become tradition!

Additional information will be sent closer to the date. 


Shorts Distribution
Player shorts will be distributed to teams/players before or on Saturday by team managers.  We will be doing short distribution and size exchanges in the Lakeview Room from 9:00am to 1:00pm on XXXXX. Parents and managers can exchange shorts at this time, please be sure to return the shorts you want to exchange. If any managers haven't picked up balls, manager packages, etc, they will also be in the Lakeview Room from 9am to 1pm.

Sales Tables

There will be sales tables in the Copeland Lobby all morning selling some clothing and socks. Please be aware there is no ATM in our arena complex. We accept cash or credit cards only (no debit cards).

Jersey Blow Out
BMLC is selling off jerseys for $10 each (taxes included)! There will be racks of jerseys inside the front entrance of the Copeland Lobby Saturday only so stop by and pick up your favorite number before they are all gone.

Gear Donations
Our club is always in need of donated used gear to assist our lower income families. If you have any to donate please bring to the Lakeview Room anytime between 9am and 1pm XXXX. If you prefer, you can drop off at the front door of 4607 Irmin St, Burnaby at anytime.

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