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BMLC Referee Guidelines

Referee Punctuality

  • It is very important that as a referee, you arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the game you are scheduled to Officiate and confirm that your partner is there as well.

  • Games must be started on time, but even more important that the game finishes on time to minimize the impact on all floor users.

Player / Referee Suspensions

  • Please remember that if you are a player and referee, you must contact your respective referee allocator immediately if you are suspended as a player.

  • You CANNOT referee while serving a suspension.

  • Contact your allocator and advise them of the terms of your suspension so that they can rearrange the schedules accordingly.

Simple Rules when Refereeing

  • Please remember, that while reffing you must be wearing your "BCLA" approved referee jersey and black pants without any markings, (dress-style pants with a pocket for a ball are preferred). 

  • 30 sec shot clock officials must bring their full gear and be prepared to officiate, should the circumstance and need arise.

  • Jeans and shorts are NOT permitted, even if you are only doing the 30-sec clock. 

  • You are also not to eat during a game, wear a hat, or listen to your iPod with earbuds. 

  • You are expected to concentrate on the game.

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