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Remembering Jack Crosby

Jack Crosby, fondly known as "Mr. Lacrosse," was a true legend in the sport of lacrosse and had an immeasurable impact on the lacrosse community in Burnaby. He dedicated his life to the sport, playing and coaching for over six decades, and helped shape the growth and development of lacrosse in the area. Jack spent much of his life inspiring and encouraging players of all ages to play lacrosse or get involved in community sport.

In the early 1960’s the sport of lacrosse was played at outdoor boxes; however, after the Kensington and Burnaby Lake Arenas opened in 1964, lacrosse moved indoors. Jack organized and ran the Burnaby Intermediate, Juniors, Senior and coached a pee wee team for many years. As a general manager, his teams Burnaby Cablevision (1977-1979) and the Burnaby Lakers (1988-2000), both won the Minto Cup Championships three consecutive years in a row. Since 1964, Jack served as president of The Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Club and volunteered countless hours over 55 years to develop and build the sport of lacrosse both here in Burnaby and throughout BC and Canada.

Jack’s leadership in developing the sport of lacrosse has been recognized in many ways over the years. Jack was inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1980, and was honoured with the Lester B. Pearson Award for outstanding achievement by the Canadian Lacrosse Association in 1981. In 1984, the BC Lacrosse Association (BCLA) established a Novice Tournament and named it after Jack, much to his chagrin. The BCLA also named Jack Crosby “Mr. Lacrosse”, and created the Jack Crosby Endowment Fund. Jack Crosby was also an inaugural inductee to the Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame.

Jack legacy lives on in Burnaby, where he is remembered as a true ambassador for the sport of lacrosse. He inspired countless players and coaches and his impact on the sport will be felt for generations to come. His dedication, passion, and commitment to lacrosse will never be forgotten, and he will always be remembered as "Mr. Lacrosse."

Jack Crosby Memorial Lacrosse Box

Jack Crosby Novice All-Star Lacrosse Tournament

A lacrosse box was opened for use in July 2007 at the Riverway Sports Complex in southwest Burnaby (Nelson Avenue and Marine Way). It is located between the south parking lot and the softball diamond/sports field. It has a regulation size asphalt floor, 4 feet high side boards with 12 feet high end zone boards. The lacrosse box was officially opened and dedicated on July 26, and was officially named the Jack Crosby Memorial Lacrosse Box.

The Jack Crosby Novice All Star Tournament is an annual lacrosse event held in Burnaby, British Columbia, in honor of the late Jack Crosby, a beloved figure in the local lacrosse community. The tournament is designed for novice-level players, aged 9-10 years old, and features some of the top young talent from across the country.

The tournament is a celebration of Crosby's passion for the sport and his dedication to developing young players in the area. It provides an opportunity for young athletes to showcase their skills, compete against the best players in their age group, and experience the thrill of playing in a high-level tournament.

The Jack Crosby Novice All Star Tournament is a highly anticipated event each year, drawing large crowds of enthusiastic fans and supporters. It is a testament to Crosby's lasting impact on the sport of lacrosse in Burnaby, and his legacy lives on through the young players who participate in the tournament and the love of the game that he instilled in them.

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